We geek out over every fabric, stitch, seam, and zipper. We obsess over form, fit and finish. Getting it right the first time, ensures it lasts a lifetime.

Our design ethos originates from the functionality of the OG bicycle messenger bag and the revolution in urban mobility that it created.

We hire fresh thinkers with industrial, fashion and outdoor design backgrounds who bring their vision to create what we believe are the world’s best damn bags. This creative mash-up aligns with an outward eye to street, runway and technical influences that empowers them to ​merge style and ​purpose. The resulting products are highly functional, ​express individuality and deliver a great place to stash your keys.

We’ve always offered ​our community an opportunity to participate as designers. Our bag customizer provides a canvas in which you can create a unique bag that speaks to your story.​ With billions of combinations, no bag or ​person is alike.