Weather or not, we've got you covered...

Commuters in today's world shoulder a slew of electronics and digital tools in their carry. Often, a commute is punctuated by inclement weather. These bags are designed and sewn to minimize the exposure of all that you carry into the elements. Go forth, knowing your gear is good.


  • The mother of all waterproof packs. Unbeatable for volume, accessibility, org, and weather resistance.
  • Reflective hits increase visibility in low light situations.
  • 48L, 15" laptop computer.


  • An all NEW compact version of the SHELTER.
  • Smaller volume with all the features and benefits that the Shelter offers, including 13" laptop carry size.
  • 22L, 13" laptop computer.


  • A best selling urban mobility pack that weathers the worst of days.
  • Smart org keeps it where you need it and compression straps adapt the capacity of carry.
  • 30L, 15" laptop computer.


  • An all NEW compact version of the PARKER. When less is best.
  • Weather got you? Rain-fly keeps it extra dry.
  • 18L, 15" laptop computer.