3-pack of non-med, wash 'n wear masks.

Our masks are super comfortable thanks to the washable jersey cotton fabric and the attaching tie system. The ties are highly adjustable to most head shapes and sizes making for long term comfort and protection. They're sold in packs of three and available in two sizes and color options.



1. If you have a measuring tape, measure from the right side of your face, where your ear meets your cheekbone, and measure to the left side, where your ear meets your cheekbone. Make sure to keep the tape measure snug around your nose. If this length is less than 10", we suggest the XS/S size. If this length is over 10", we suggest the M/L size.

2. If you don't have a measuring tape, you can use your weight to measure. Note this is the less accurate option. If you weigh less than 150 lbs, we suggest the XS/S size. If you weigh over 150 lbs, we suggest the M/L size.

If you are still uncertain of which size to use, we believe the M/L size will fit the majority of users. If the size ordered doesn't fit, please wash it, pack it up, and give it to a friend or neighbor.


Our design employs a cotton jersey binding around-the-head tie method. We selected this design, rather than behind-the-ears elastic bands, as a result of our early consultations with the medical community who expressed the need for masks that did not create stress on their ears. For extended and frequent wear, we feel it is important to not place any stress or pressure against any part of the head, neck, and nose. The ties can be cut to your preferred length and knot-tied at the ends.


Fabric Layers: Each mask is constructed with two layers of cotton jersey material. We chose 100-percent cotton jersey as we feel this fiber provides the comfort, washability, filtering capability, and ease of wear required when wearing a mask for extended periods of time.

Filter Pocket: Our design includes an envelope top pocket into which a myriad version of filters may be placed. The pleated cotton jersey construction provides basic protection; having the ability to increase protection with an additional filter of your choice will give you the maximal options for use.


Our masks have a slot for a nose bridge wire if you prefer that for a closer fit over your nose. A bendable wire, simple twist tie, or a pipe cleaner will work fine. Trim any excess wire after inserting. We recommend removing the wire when washing the mask.


We recommend washing your face mask before you wear it — by hand or machine, with laundry detergent (do not use fabric softener because you are breathing through it). A good wash and dry (machine or hang) will make your face mask fresh and soft. Repeat the process regularly to keep your mask clean and germ free.


For health reasons, fabric face masks are not returnable. All sales are final. If your mask is not to your liking, please wash and dry it, seal it in a ziplock bag, and give it to a family member or close friend - or find a place needing donations.